Why are men so stressed?

Why are men so stressed?

All of us sometimes feel stressed or depressed. There are different points for this condition but still it has something in common. Usually a man feels unable to cope with responsibilities or circumstances and feels despaired, tired and irritated. It is proved that men take stress more complicated than women. There are social reasons for it because men are supposed to be reliable and strong and they cannot demonstrate their anxiety and weaknesses. Studies have found that, on average, men refuse visiting a doctor with such a problem as depression until some serious health problem occurs. In addition they usually feel themselves to be in good health ignoring the high-risk health factors.

How men try to cope with stress?

It is clear that men cope with stress in a different way but in general there are some moments, which can be regarded as common features. Men are not able to put their feelings into words. They usually keep silent and can even take a bottle of wine or any other spirits to overcome a difficult period of his life but this attitude only increases the stress effect. As a result high stress levels changes a man’s behavior choices and even lifestyle in general. They can refuse regular meals and after all eat much more and that fact leads to overweight and problems with digestive organs. They get less sleep and ruin their nervous system. Being too busy solving their problems they can forget about relaxing, having rest, and physical activity. In the long run they can have increased blood pressure, heart attacks, strokes, and erectile dysfunction.

How should a man recognize stress?

It is very important to quit while one is ahead and think over the situation to improve it and escape heavy consequences. A man can understand that he is in a stress state observing the following symptoms:

  • He can start feeling tired very quickly;
  • He always forgets details and other needed information though before he has remembered it;
  • He cannot fall asleep for a long time being in bed;
  • He starts getting irritated without serious reason for it;
  • He is depressed feeling lack of motivation;
  • It is difficult for him to concentrate;
  • He starts suffering from headaches, muscular and skeletal pains.

Those mild symptoms can be added with such medical conditions like:

  • Pains in heart district;
  • Intestinal issues;
  • Abnormal blood pressure;
  • Sexual disorder including complete impotence or premature ejaculation;
  • Dermatological problems.

In general being under stress condition almost any system of the body can react negatively including immune system and that means a man can face the risk of continuous cold and flu.

How can men prevent stress?

Even if a man hates these words, still they are the first thing that must be done: “Keep calm and do not worry”. If he does not want suffering twice, he should take it easy. If a man is already in stress, he can change the situation turning to personal communication, which he enjoys, like meeting friends. Then it is of a help to get physical exercise. And of course it is important to have rest and get enough sleep. Those three simple but very efficient actions can make a big difference. And a man should forget about lack of time. He should just think of his health and refuse anything that can hold him from relaxing and working out in a gym. Here a man should be aware of how he spends his time and decides whether all those affairs and agreements mean so much. While a healthy lunch with a friend actually helps to survive.