The Effect Of Alcohol On Potency

The modern world dictates its rules to us and rarely any friendly meetings or holidays do without alcohol. That is why alcohol has become the life partner of most men. And only a few of them think about the impact of alcohol on their potency.

Effects of low doses of alcohol on the potency

Small doses of alcohol stimulate the central nervous system, increasing sexual excitement, and increase blood circulation to the male genitals, resulting in a strong and prolonged erection. In addition, alcohol dulls the sensitivity, which helps control ejaculation and prolongs the time of sexual intercourse. For these reasons, many men do not consider it shameful to “take on the breast” before intercourse. But the fact is that even small doses of alcohol do not pass without a trace.

How to minimize the consequences of alcohol consumption before sexual intercourse? First, it will determine the dosage (it really should be small). Second, determine what you drink: a glass of good red wine will be ideal for continuing a romantic evening and will help you relax and unwind.

The effect of high doses of alcohol on your potency

Every man who has been intoxicated knows that it is difficult to achieve an erection sufficient for intercourse. Why does this happen? Liver activity is disturbed, which leads to a failure in hormonal metabolism, ie oppressed male sex hormones, particularly testosterone, which is responsible for sexual function. Alcoholic drinks such as beer, and contain an analogue of female sex hormones – phytoestrogens, which have the opposite effect to testosterone (see about the impact of beer on potency).

Sometimes in the morning after drinking alcohol, a spontaneous erection appears, which is another factor misleading men about the positive effect of alcohol on the potency. The fact is that after drinking a large dose of alcohol, the liver begins to produce enzymes that increase the activity of sex hormones. These enzymes are present in the body after sobering, which is the cause of spontaneous erections.

The effect of constant alcohol consumption on potency

Alcoholism is a disease, one of the symptoms of which is the lack of sexual activity, potency and sexual desire. Although the latter may be present to some extent, but the opportunity to realize their attraction is not possible. Alcoholism is a frequent cause of impotence.


How simple and banal it did not sound, but only one thing can normalize the sexual life of an alcoholic – complete rejection of alcohol is the only panacea.