Do you ever turn to sex therapist? You have hardly done it. Why do we think so? Because when there are problems with sex, people prefer to keep it quiet. This is a wrong attitude! The sex therapy can be of help for men and women allowing them to get to the bottom of sexual issues, to discover the reason and find the solutions. Here a wide range of problems are discussed including erectile dysfunction and low libido. Sometimes the only thing that is needed is to create the supportive environment. And a specialist does it with his professional skills.

What is sex therapy?

Sex therapy is conducted by a correspondent specialist. He is an educated psychologist trained in different methods allowing him to treat sex problems. The therapist listens to the patient’s story, finds out the details about health conditions, and develops the treatment program. The treatment options are different: for those who suffer from low self-esteem there are psychological tools, for those who have painful sex, the additional medical tests can be ordered. For men who are not able to achieve and maintain an erection there are a long list of analysis and recommendations from the specialist with a deep knowledge of the physiology and psychology of human sexual behavior.

When does a man need a sex therapist?

  • He feels guilty. When a man tries to correspond to those expectations determined by sex addiction existing in some societies, he starts comparing and feels uncertain about his behavior and skills. And that is the situation, which should be discussed with a professional.
  • He suffers from painful sex. If a man feels pain during intercourse, he should pay attention to this fact and discuss it with a physician and sex therapist, which is expected to give a piece of advice as to a suitable position for both partners in the particular cases.
  • A partner is not interested. It is a common anxiety that is discussed with a sex therapist. There are different circumstances, under which couples can even have no desire for sex due to stress of any kind. And for a short period that is normal. But if it lasts longer than a month, the problem needs to be discussed with a specialist who recommends communication techniques and other tools.

Tasks of sex therapist

The sex therapist must:

  1. Consider psychological reasons. He should work at the emotional issues, which can influence sex life. It includes the behavior patterns between the partners, performance anxiety, ways of communication, trust, and ability to discuss sexual wants and needs with a partner.
  2. Reveal potential physical causes and send to investigate those assumptions.
  3. Determine homework. The interaction in a doctor’s consulting room should not be the only efforts. The doctor must think over the particular situation and offer the exercises for being implemented at home. The patient is expected to try the given recommendations, which can be linked with touching, speaking with a partner and so on. The purpose is to get satisfaction from touching even more than trying to reach orgasm. Such practice usually leads to intercourse.

Sex therapy really contributes to getting rid of problems in sex. The therapist identifies the environment without fear and favor showing what exactly could cause the problem. The importance of sex life for different people varies but still most of them link it with self-identity that is why failure in this area may cause so called devaluation of self – esteem. So, if there are difficulties in a sex life, it’s high time to involve a specialist.