Erectile dysfunction

erectile_dysfunction_coupleOne of the most spread diseases of male urogenital system is erectile dysfunction. This disease is often mistakenly called impotence and considered incurable, that is why the majority of men are shy of it. They become unsociable and don’t tell about their affliction, considering themselves losers, because this problem has an influence on their self-confidence and level of self-trust. Thinking over and over about this situation takes their mental energy, they are totally concerned about this problem having mixed feelings of anger, fear and anxiety. Erectile dysfunction is mostly spread among men over 40 years old, and regardless on different life conditions and reasons, statistics shows that the frequency of erectile dysfunction occurrence is almost equal all over the world.

Stresses, bad ecology and a range of another reasons raise the risk of erectile dysfunction developing. Because of big quantity of different factors diagnostics has important role in determining medical treatments and ways of treatment using pills or another forms of drugs. Sometimes psychotherapy has great importance. In many cases erectile dysfunction has combined character: it’s both pathogenic and psychogenic. Therefore there is possibly to cure erectile dysfunction without drugs, but with physical exercises, auto trainings and non-pharmacological treatments.

Pharmacological treatments are sold usually in pills and provoc increasing and solidification on penis for making a normal coitus. Drugs can be used only after doctor’s recommendation. A qualified specialist prescribes pills depending on each person’s individual stare. Using drugs without medical prescription will not bring a good result, but may worsen health stare.

If you wonder, how to naturally cure erectile dysfunction without drug consumption, there are following names of effective treatments which don’t demand prescription as necessary factor:

  • Viagra – this name is known by everybody as an effective and cheap impotence treatment. Viagra works about 4-5 hours after receiving point and easily comes out from the organism. Usually it is consumed right before coitus. If you want to buy Viagra with no visits in pharmacy, you can order Viagra online via different websites where are sold medical drugs without prescription, for example:
  • Cialis – is produced in pills on base of tadalafil, and reacts during 36 hours. The reviews are very positive. Practically this drug is used for keeping potency on its best level for two days after taking only one pill – economy here also exists. For knowing more about its functions you can enter the link:
  • Herbal meds are also considered very effective. It is prepared by popular recipes from ment, tutsan, clover and nettle in equal proportions. The dose recommended is one glass of decoction drunk 4 times per day.  The same influence have decoctions from milkweed, yellow lily and carrot juice.
  • From exotic fruits men with potency problems can try kiwi, which affects well on the whole organism, for example, on heart system, because of it contains a lot of micro-elements and vitamin C.

DrugsDuring several last years there is widespread opinion that special gel which is easy in usage and free for purchasing in any shop will help in few time to solve the problem of dysfunction. Don’t trust bright advertisements and promises of easy recovering – very often these unguents and balsams made from chemical substances can reduce your physical health and even be harmful for your organism.

If you are intended to use non-pharmacological  treatments or drugs, you should consult with your doctor, because every way of cure is individual for every person suffering from erectile dysfunction.