Effective and safe treatment of erectile dysfunction

treatment of erectile dysfunction

The fact that most men suffering from erectile dysfunction (ED) do not want to seek medical treatment, is a major problem for doctors around the world. However, this phenomenon is especially true in our country, where it is often not accepted to come to doctors with problems of intimate sphere. In addition, male psyche in evaluating of his sexual performance is extremely vulnerable, and the term “problems in his personal life,” most often refers to “personal problems”, that is, those that can’t be discussed with anyone. Meanwhile, modern medicine is able to offer a variety of treatments for erectile dysfunction. One of them is the reception of modern drugs like Cialis 10mg, which can be easily found and purchased at Melbourne-chemist.com.

Drug therapy.

In this case, treatment of erectile dysfunction is carried out through the use of a number of drugs that are aimed at improving the overall tone of the body, blood pressure, restore vitality. Unlike other methods of medical treatment of erectile dysfunction is the most gentle, so it can be recommended to men of different ages and with different degrees of severity of the disease. The main preparation for the restoration of male power pills to enhance potency Impaza can be recommended.

Multi-modality therapy.

Comprehensive treatment of erectile dysfunction in men is based on the principle that any action aimed at improving and restoring any body functions, can become a means to enhance male power in the intimate sphere. This is due to the fact that the violation of potency often is a consequence of global disruption in the body, ranging from endocrine disorders and ending with the general aging of the body. Therefore, it will be much more effective if the various methods of treatment of erectile dysfunction will be used simultaneously, complementing their minor ways of increase potency.

Treatment of the underlying disease.

Treatment of the underlying disease is carried out after a thorough diagnosis of erectile dysfunction. Pathology which leads to a violation of potency may be hypertension and other cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, neurological disorders (eg, depression), hypercholesterolemia, and so on. D. To return to normal sexual life and the drugs used in the treatment of primary disease are abolished, but worsen sexual function. These may include some anti-hypertensive drugs (thiazide diuretics, calcium channel blockers, etc.), tricyclic antidepressants, anti-arrhythmic drugs (digoxin), and others.

Following a healthy lifestyle.

For most men, one of the elementary and at the same time complicated methods of struggle with erectile dysfunction is a lifestyle change.
Rejection of bad habits. When alcohol abuse erection comes late or does not occur at all. Smoking leads to increased blood pressure, which causes the development of cardiovascular diseases, and those in turn – a sexual weakness.

Proper nutrition.

As a rule, by treating erectile dysfunction in men, doctors recommend to include in a diet high in fat: they must borrow 30% of the total amount of nutrients. Useful reasonable consumption of tea and coffee, which contain caffeine: this substance increases the tone of the male body and has beneficial effects on sexual activity. Proper nutrition is the key to the maintenance of normal body weight. Otherwise, the extra weight can cause the development of diabetes and its consequences – erectile dysfunction.

Regular sex life.

A man of any age should be the pursuit of a regular sexual life. In an effort to normalize the sexual relations, it is recommended to avoid too frequent changes of partners and a large number of sex acts, as well as to abandon long-term abstinence.…

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The Effect Of Alcohol On Potency

The modern world dictates its rules to us and rarely any friendly meetings or holidays do without alcohol. That is why alcohol has become the life partner of most men. And only a few of them think about the impact of alcohol on their potency.

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Vitamins And Minerals Required For Potency

The first thing you need to think about is whether your diet contains all the vitamins and minerals you need for your potency.


Collage of products containing zinc

Perhaps the main microelement for men. Zinc is a building material for testosterone, ie without zinc does not form a molecule of testosterone.

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Erectile dysfunction

erectile_dysfunction_coupleOne of the most spread diseases of male urogenital system is erectile dysfunction. This disease is often mistakenly called impotence and considered incurable, that is why the majority of men are shy of it. They become unsociable and don’t tell about their affliction, considering themselves losers, because this problem has an influence on their self-confidence and level of self-trust.…

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What is urology? Symptoms of urological diseases

The science of urology is deal with the diseases of urinary system. Such symptoms can be variable, but also it appears with burning, pain and itching. Urology is a surgical science, that deals with surgical removals. Also it deals with the symptoms of this diseases.

Urology: diseases and treatment

Man in reproductive age, approximately from 18 to 45 can have the following diseases:…

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Why are men so stressed?

Why are men so stressed?

All of us sometimes feel stressed or depressed. There are different points for this condition but still it has something in common. Usually a man feels unable to cope with responsibilities or circumstances and feels despaired, tired and irritated. It is proved that men take stress more complicated than women. …

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